Hi. I'm Lorenzo Bertacchi

I'm a Programmer. I develop enterprise web application, frontend and backend.
I love write beautiful code and create great design products.
I'm a frontend enthusiast, i love work with AngularJS and HTML5.
I also love write core code, for instance solve multithreading problems and i especially use Java but i also know other languages.
I love create IoT objects with my Arduino and i know lot of interesting stuff.

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Keep Calm & Code On

For me write code is first of all a passion not a work ... I love to discover new technologies and be informed about news that the market offers!

Work in team

Ability to work in a team of people using Project Management tools. Ready to learn from people with more experience.

Performace & Good Code

Using best practice to improve the efficiency of the software also over the readability of the code by favoring those who will work in a later time.

Kill the bugs

Ready for bug fixing session. Trying to find the most efficient solution in the least possibile time.

Skills & Experience

"You live and learn..." Below are all the languages & technologies that I know...


J2EE Application, ORM tools (Hibernate,iBatis),MVC Framework like Struts, Concurent programming, Job scheduling with Quartz, OpenCMS, REST Service, etc...


High experience with jQuery framework, Fabric JS, Interactive & Responsive design, Cross-Browser Application, AJAX


Experience in use of object Canvas , especially elaboration of bitmap and vector images. I use FabricJS to create Canvas with possibility to interact with the elements in it. I know of other frameworks like Pixastic to edit bitmap images.


Experience in the development of objects of the Internet of Things, home automation, etc... Remote control, serial port communication and interfacing with Processing or Java application.


Object oriented programming. Develop web application, i use Codeigniter framework, PHP-CLI, XAMPP, MySQL

Google Maps

Knowledge of Google Maps JS API V3: creation fully custum map. Clusterization of Markers. Knowledge of Google Geocoding services. Direction API.


Experience with RDBMS, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL & MySQL. EER diagram.


I've experience with Graph API, Open Graph tags, FQL (Facebook Query Language). I've implement Facebook Login using Facebook JS SDK and Java EE. I develop Facebook Tab Application.


Responsive design, CSS3, media query

Want to contact me? Don't waste time!

For any further information please don't hesitate to email me. Technology consulting, job offer or a simple exchange of experiences write at lorenzo.bertacchi @ gmail.com .